Terra E.R.P.

Terra E.R.P. is a modern software with uncountable capabilities!

Basic features of Terra E.R.P. :

  • Hybrid work environment windows, web, android, IOS
  • O.R.M. database tools. Supports all databases MS SQL Server, Oracle, MYSQL κλπ
  • Function possibility from any device (PC, Tablet, SmartPhone)
  • Function possibility of G.U.I. protocol defined by the user
  • Customized work environment per user
  • Adjustment of all forms of the system from the user
  • Built-in Report Generator, for creating or changing any report of the system
  • E-invoice/ EDI
  • Without update bridges between the subsystems

Terra E.R.P. offers:

  • Easy delivery management
  • Cost per piece of editing (delivery, production, packaging etc)
  • Packing list management (electronic weighing note)
  • Supply management
  • Automatic expence/cost management
  • Cost center management
  • Offer management
  • Traceability
  • Automatic batch management
  • Species / Subspecies
  • Special reports (situations ΙΝΤRASTAT, VAT etc)
  • Adjustment based on the customers' needs
terra erp

Subsystem of the app:

  • Full agreement with the curent layout of the law 4308/24-11-2014 Greek Accounting Exemplar.
  • Unlimited branch or company management.
  • Automatic connection with extensive accounting.
  • Accounting registrations based on automatic accounting articles.
  • Automatic registration articles of balance closure.
  • Drill Down (Zoom) customer / supplier / account movement from any report (calendar, balance, ledger etc).
  • Printing option of all registration articles in any form.
  • Expence accounts for easy registration.
  • Full line of statistical case (accounts / customers / suppliers).
  • Full line of certified and control situations.
  • Economical cases and ratios.
  • Aggregate situations according to the law 4308/2014.
  • Account / customer / supplier balance (temporarily, permanetly, per rank etc).
  • Undischarged transaction.
  • Aggregate management / ΚΕΠΥΟ.
  • Income/payment management (deposition, cash, check etc).
  • Income/expence book.
  • Model afterglow.
  • Real Time Informing.
  • Automatic update General/Extensive accounting with sharing articles.
  • Storage management.
  • Bar Code management.
  • Batch management.
  • Guarantee management.
  • Multiple sale cost in storage.
  • Option of different price list per customer or group of customers.
  • Price list Promotion possibility with specific power space and customer category.
  • Customer branch management.
  • Management of customers’ orders (Backorders).
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • Supplier management.
  • Order management.
  • C ustomer’s, Supplier’s budget management.
  • Seller / representative management.
  • Graphic movement design (customer, supplier, storage).
  • Full list of statistic case reports.
  • Order programming to suppliers etc.
  • COD management.
  • Automatic update of the extensive accounting cost center with sharing articles in many production stages.
  • Specifications of Prepered-Semiprepared with qyantity or percentage.
  • Α’Β’  raw materials costing–consumable–semiprepared–associate.
  • Production costing cost estimation with any appraisal method (FiFo, LiFo, Average, Consecutive remaining).
  • Estimation of necessary quantity a’ and b’ matter for producting prepared with typical acquisition value.
  • Appraisal situation, mentor cost, mixed profit.
  • Production orders.
  • Employee tab, inurance information, training information.
  • Payment methods, documents, trainings, equipment charge etc.
  • Resume management.
  • Evaluation management.
  • Security management (checks, promissories, promises) receivable payble.
  • Check printing in a computerized block.
  • Real Time informing with General Accounting.
  • Docket printing.
  • Security cases per expiration date and bank.
  • Security index per customer/supplier/account.
  • Direct informing from General Accounting in the Commercial Management.
  • Automatic creation of Extensive Accounting articles.
  • Free Extensive Accounting design development in any depth.
  • Standardized Extensive Accounting articles.
  • Automated closure registrations for every closing period.
  • Full asset control by cost center.
  • Depreciation calculating method with the current layout (stable percentage, wane depreciation).
  • Automatic indexation of teh asset value.
  • Historical information about every asset (initial value – additions – depreciations).
  • Full line of printers (asset book – printing per cost center).
  • Statistics for every asset.

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