Terra Trace

Terra Trace is the only traceability program that covers all the production process and also is proprietary with a patent diploma from O.B.I. (n. 1005838). The program fully agrees with the current laws and provides a variety of information in real time to the company for rapid and right decision making.


Basic features of Terra Trace:

  • Profile customization of the stations and recording control from the office
  • Product, ingredient and package material traceabiloty
  • Management and execution of production orders
  • Order, supplier and customer management
  • Connection with analytic measurement tools, in order to record the quality control measurements of the company for a specific batch
  • Application for Smartphones in order to execute and record the production and storing tasks of the products
  • Connection with printers for publishing mark-up labels of pieces, boxes, palettes and containers of products and a' and b' matter
  • Automatic data collection from the stations that are currently installed in the production area and the automation systems DIGI
  • Quality control
  • Personnel management
  • Remainder and stock management
  • Machine and automation management
  • Label and report management
  • Online, mobile traceability www.traceid.eu

Terra Trace offers:

  • Worker efficiency
  • Machine efficiency
  • Production supervision
  • Stock supervision
  • Order supervision
  • True image of the company in real time
  • Easy decision making
  • Connection with automatic analyzers
  • Analysis management
  • Full traceability
  • Test record per Trace ID
  • Prescription and specification management
  • Printing documents HACCP and ISO
  • Document abolition
  • Suppliers’ orders
  • Remainders for available raw materials
  • Expected receipts
  • Supply management based on quality features
  • Full image for a’ and b’ matter
  • Production tracking in real time
  • Customers’ orders management
  • Personnel efficiency
  • Production orders management
  • Printing labels of products, boxes and palettes
  • Document abolition
  • Update E.R.P for delivery and sending
  • Printing Packing List
  • Update for production and wastage
  • Update for occupation of the personnel
  • Raw materials consumption
  • Online and mobile traceability
  • www.traceid.eu
  • In order to be aware of what we eat
  • Easy and fast from your cell phone
  • All the information about the identity of  the food we buy
  • Certification and insurance of the quality of the products

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